A Brief Explanation

Throughout my life I have painted and drawn. As a child I sketched and scribbled, never without a small pocket book and pencil. A knack of capturing a likeness, not always flattering, got me into trouble at school, the stables where I was a Saturday girl and whenever I recorded life as I saw it.

Originally I worked as a freelance graphic illustrator specialising in wildlife and rural design. During this time I painted whenever time allowed, gradually developing a style of sorts, although that seems more easily identified by others than me.

Most of my adult life I have lived in rural East Sussex with my husband, wildlife photographer, Wallace Fyers. The cottage is surrounded by beautiful countryside rich in birds and wildlife. We have a succession of animals, both domestic and wild either living here, in need of temporary care, or just passing by. There is no shortage of subject matter and no excuse not to be busy in the studio.

'First Outing' SOLD

In order to retain independence to create the work I choose, I sell only through exhibitions and eBay’s Self Representing Artists UK site. This has liberated me to follow my own path which has proved very beneficial and exciting.

All my work is shown on my website before being posted on eBay. I do not usually sell via my website as the protection offered to both buyer and seller on eBay cannot easily be matched on a private site. If this proves to be a problem, contact me via e-mail and I will try to help.

I hope you enjoy browsing my website. I welcome enquiries and comments via the contact page and try to reply as quickly as possible.

All my work and the photographs used on this site are protected by copyright law.

Thank you for taking an interest in my paintings.

Jackie Fyers